Meet the Owners

CEO Owners of KH  MDC  and Aberdeen Designs

Bob & Lynn Pullman have always worked side by side. They started their first wholesale art and picture framing business in 1989, Art Attitudes.  
Like many of you, they operated out of their home. Learning the basics of how to run a successful company for themselves. 

Ten years later in 1999, the pair founded Matboard Design Corporation or MDC. 
MDC quickly became an industry leader, supplying designer matboard to the wholesale framed art industry. 

In 2015, things evolved again when they acquired Kendall Hartcraft and Aberdeen Designs. Giving them an opportunity to carry on the hard-work of another entrepreneurial couple Jack & Edna Kendall who opened their first frame shop in 1974.

In 2016, their knowledge of the industry led them even furthur into the framing world by founding Frame Your Space, an art print company that works with hundreds of Publishers, selling artwork to the public. 

In 2017, the expansion of Aberdeen Mirrors  took place with the creation of the retail site Mirror Rennovations. Not only did they re-invent the way the "Do It Yourself" population would remodel their model bathroom mirror, but Bob actually designed a unique way of bonding the frames to the mirrors and in doing so, he has transformed the industry once again. 

Bob and Lynn Pullman

Bob Pullman


Lynn Pullman


Fraction to Decimal
1/2"  0.5
1/4"  0.25
1/8"  0.125




5/8" 0.625
7/8" 0.875
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