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Hello and Welcome to MDC, KH & Aberdeen Designs 

We need all current customers and those who wish to create a wholesale account with us to register an account. 

Please click on this link to Register an account with us  online and we will update your account to a Wholesale Status, once you have been approved. 

We hope you enjoy the new website, here are some of our new features:

  • Search filter - You can search by Company, By color, By Size and By product SKU
  • Checkout online - You can now add readymade frames, custom frames, portrait packaging and framing supplies to your cart and checkout online. Shipping charges will be applied when your order ships out. 
  • Track your order History - Once you can login into your account you can see your  purchase history and the status of your order. We will update you with tracking information via email when your order ships out. 

We have many more features coming soon.......Stay Tuned 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!   

Fraction to Decimal
1/2"  0.5
1/4"  0.25
1/8"  0.125




5/8" 0.625
7/8" 0.875