4102 Black Fleur De Lis

Kendall Hartcraft

Size Guide

This Black picture frame defines High quality & is perfect for Professional Photography &  Art.

Be creative and use in a build around frame. What is a build around frame you ask? It is where you take a thin frame and place it inside of a thicker frame to make it not only unique but stand out as being bold and beautiful. Image of this build around is using frame 4102 & 2421. 

    • Width: 2 3/4"
    • Rabbet: 3/8"
    • Wood Moulding
    • Standard 1/8" allowance for frame opening. Please state in checkout notes if you need "EXACT" measurement.
    • You can order the Panel Frame with backing and glass separately in our Panel Frame Collection under Kendall Hartcraft.
    • Orientation can be Portrait or Landscape

    Fraction to Decimal
    1/2"  0.5
    1/4"  0.25
    1/8"  0.125




    5/8" 0.625
    7/8" 0.875
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