Foil Imprinting

Kendall Hartcraft

Size Guide

Customize your portrait packaging by having your products imprinted by Kendall Hartcrat. 

Choose from our color options & placement options.  

First choose your quantity (amount of items) you want to have imprinted. Either just 1 product or 100 of them.  

Then choose if you have a die established with us already. 

Finally choose your foil color and placement. 

We can't imprint on Clear Bags, Custom View Mats or Clear Boxes

  • Simply Order your Die by contacting Kendall Hartcraft
  • Die cost varies by size and ranges from $40-$50
  • You will need to send us a vector pdf format logo. All must be 1 color and no images only fonts. 

    Fraction to Decimal
    1/2"  0.5
    1/4"  0.25
    1/8"  0.125




    5/8" 0.625
    7/8" 0.875
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